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Nightwing, Vol. 2: Night of the Owls
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Deadman Wonderland Volume 2 - Jinsei Kataoka, Kazuma Kondou Spoilers. This manga. This is the second time in a row where this manga started a little slow for me but picked up right before I decided to read something else and come back to it later. It wasn't that I thought the beginning was boring, but I had other books that were starting to get really interesting that I was reading at the same time. And then, they introduce Crow, the Corpse Carnival, and Ganta's new friends in the G ward.

Ganta is still trying to survive in Wonderland when he hears that the Red Man (the being who killed all his friends) was right under his nose living in block G. However, that block isn't on any of the maps, but it does exist. And Ganta, Shiro, and Yo manage to find it. They meet Senji "Crow" Kiyomasa who Ganta believes is the Red Man, only to learn that there are many "branches of sin" (people who can manipulate their blood). Ganta is still in the dark about his powers and how they work, and Crow wants to test Ganta's powers in a skirmish. But they're all subdued by the guards before a fight can break out.

Later, Ganta learns he has to fight Crow, and Crow is undefeated. His captors tell him that even if he loses, he'll still be of some use to them. During his fight with Crow, he learns some important things. He learns it is better to thin out the blood and using it at melee range rather than using it as a ranged projectile due to blood loss. Crow mentions during the fight that Ganta was reaching his limits because of this, but Ganta manages to overcome his limit, which Crow has never witnessed before--or even thought possible. Ganta wins the fight in the end, of course.

After the fight, Ganta meets the other misfits of G ward, people who are presumably like him, and he learns the cost of losing a fight when he watches a doctor take one of Crow's eyes.

Yō continues to be a hinderance disguised as help in this one, and I’m really interested to see where this is going with him. I loved the scene where he thought that he’d gotten rid of Shiro and saved his own life only to see Shiro emerge from carnage. I would say unscathed. She did look okay, but parts of her bodysuit, which pretty much covers every inch of her except her face, was damaged and we see strange scars/stitches that looked similar to another mysterious character who was just introduced into the story with this volume. And Yō is completely baffled by all this strange stuff that has entered his life since Ganta’s appearance.

Still enjoying this. I’m enjoying how things are being gradually revealed to the readers in small chunks. As a reader, I feel just as anxious as Ganta to find out what the hell is going on.They give me just enough to have me completely hanging on to this story and then they pull back a little ensuring that I keep coming back to Wonderland.