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Nightwing, Vol. 2: Night of the Owls
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The Joy Luck Club - Amy Tan This is the story of Chinese mothers and their daughters. All the mothers originally immigrated from China, and all have faced hardships and challenges, which have made them stronger and wish for something better for their American daughters while instilling in them Chinese values, but their daughters aren't living it up. They're facing their own problems as well, divorce, failure, shortcomings.

This was a beautiful story about the complications between mother and daughters. While there are strong Chinese themes, any woman can look beyond this and maybe see their own relationship with their mother. There's so much unspoken between the mothers and daughters in this book. There are so many things they wish to tell each other, to make the other understand. There's a hazy gray area between them that they're trying to overcome.

I really enjoyed this book. As I mentioned, it was beautiful. It showed the triumphs and failures of mother and daughter. It touched on the complexity of mother-daughter relationships, how what a mother wants for a daughter may not be the same thing the daughter wants for herself. In fact, there are many complex mother-daughter issues. And the story ends on a note that lets you decide if things got better or worse for the mothers and daughters.