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Nightwing, Vol. 2: Night of the Owls
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About a Boy - Nick Hornby Will Lightman is a 36-year-old unemployed (but well-off man)living in London. He spends his days finding trivial ways to fill his endless amounts of time. He's always fashionable. He always knows what's in. In other words, Will is always on top of the game.

Will is also a womanizer, and soon finds the joy of the single mother. When he joins a single parents support group and befriends one of the mothers, he meets Marcus, a 12-year-old who acts much older than his 12 years -- Will's opposite. A friendship is forged, and this, of course, means that changes are made, even if they're not wanted.

This was a really cute book. Will is cheeky and sarcastic. Marcus is solemn and serious. And they teach each other about life and how things are, and they have many misadventures along the way. Even when Will tries to get the reader to believe that he doesn't care about Marcus or his messed-up life, it's obvious that the boy holds a soft spot in his heart. And though they are opposites in many aspects, there are a few things that are shared between Will and his young companion, such as their ability to sort of forget that reality exists until the reality of a situation hits them.

I saw the movie first, but the book was definitely better than a movie, as they usually are. A lot of questions I had regarding the movie were answered in the book, again, as they usually are. This was like the male-version of chick-lit. What would that be called? Guy-lit or something? Great reading, enjoyable, quick. Will definitely be on the lookout for more Hornby.