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The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold In the winter of 1973, Susie Salmon, age 14, is raped and killed by her strange neighbor, Mr. Harvey, but Susie's story doesn't end there. The novel is told by Susie from Heaven as she continues to watch over everyone she loves--and those she doesn't love. Susie describes Heaven as being a place that caters to your whims -- your own personal heaven. Susie finds she can have anything she wants in Heaven except her life on Earth back.

This turned out to be completely different from what I was expecting. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this definitely wasn't it. I was pleasantly surprised with the story. Even though, Susie is dead, she still seems to be going through typical adolescent behavior from Heaven. She dreams about first kisses and speaks on sex, but she no longer has the chance to experience those parts of life. So, she lives her life through her friends and family.

Of course, Susie's family--her mother, her father, her brother, and her sister--are effected deeply by her death to the point that their family starts to crumble because of her death, but we're also shown the impact that her death had on her school crush, Ray, and a girl she barely knew, Ruth. It was interesting to see how her family dealt with it and how those outside her family dealt as well.

But for all it's good points, there are some things that irked me. Some of the scene involving Ray and Ruth seemed to overshadow the main point. Susie's mother was very underdeveloped. While you could feel empathy for her father and siblings, you really couldn't do anything but dislike Susie's mother because you only saw one side of her. It was like she was a supporting character rather than one of the main characters. Also, The ending dragged a little longer than it should, and honestly, it left me feeling a little dissatisfied in regards to Mr. Harvey.

Overall, good read, though.

Note: Old review that I'm importing from an old book blog.