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Nightwing, Vol. 2: Night of the Owls
Kyle Higgins, Eddy Barrows, Ruy Jose
Comes the Blind Fury - John Saul In the 1800s (quick, I'm having a Hellfire flashback), a young blind girl used to walk along the cliffs of Paradise Point. One day, a group of children start teasing her until she falls over the cliff. A decade later, a couple and their adopted daughter, Michelle, move into the house that the blind girl, Amanda, used to live in. Michelle is injured and becomes cripple, leading to the town children taunting her. Amanda wants revenge and soon starts using Michelle as her "eyes" to end the laughter.

His books don't take too much thinking and they're not perplexing. He has an irritating way of making the last climatic scenes rushed, but he knows how to keep you enthralled. Even if you don't find his horror very "horror-full", you do want to find out what happens next because he can weave a story.

Saul's early horror is scholocky, but I enjoy it. It's cheesy, cliched, overdramatic, everything a B horror movie is.