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The Sea of Monsters
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Batman: The Night of the Owls
Scott Snyder, Judd Winick, Justin Gray, David Finch, Peter J. Tomasi, Pat Gleason, Tony S. Daniel, Scott Lobdell, Duane Swierczynski, J.H. Williams III, Jimmy Palmiotti
Nightwing, Vol. 2: Night of the Owls
Kyle Higgins, Eddy Barrows, Ruy Jose
Wet: More Aqua Erotica - Mary Anne Mohanraj A waterproof erotica book, sequel to Aqua Erotica, with the shared theme of "water". So, in every story, water in its different forms are used as a catalyst for the stories.

This wasn't a bad erotica anthology as far as anthologies go. It was hit and miss as with any anthology, but for the most part, I did enjoy the stories. Some of them left me feeling cold, but there were quite a few that made up for some of the lackadaisical stories in the anthology.

I think my favorite story in the whole collection was "Sakura". I didn't much care for the heroine who I found whiny and very childish, but I did enjoy the tone used in the story by the author. Some of the stories were very stereotyped, specifically those dealing with lesbians, which was very annoying and left a sour taste in my mouth.

I'll definitely keep this one around. It was entertaining at the most basic of levels, and it was much better than some other themed erotica books I have read (re: Love in Vein II). Besides, it's waterproof. You'll never get tired of abusing it.