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Nightwing, Vol. 2: Night of the Owls
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Trauma - Graham Masterton Bonnie Winters runs a crime scene clean-up service, meaning she goes in and clean up places where violent scenes have taken place. She also works as a cosmetics lady when she's not cleaning crime scenes, just to remind herself that she's something other than a mother/wife/cleaning lady. Bonnie works as the sole supporter of her family since her husband lost his job, which he blames on the Mexicans as a whole, and her son is just a teenager going through a difficult time.

I really liked how he didn't clue you in much on Bonnie. Bits and pieces of her life is shown through her interactions. One minute you're reading about a particularly gruesome crime scene, and the next you're reading about what she's cooking for dinner. I like this because it seems that the author is trying to show you some kind of normalcy in Bonnie's life.

This book turned out a lot different than I expected. I never saw that plot twist toward the end coming. Well, I did gradually, but in the beginning, it's not something you expect to happen. Everything so matter-of-fact in the book that I just didn't expect that at first. It could have been considered a deus ex machina if it hadn't been for the fact that there were subtle clues about what was happening.

There are a few editing problems in the book, but overall, it's a really good read.