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Nightwing, Vol. 2: Night of the Owls
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Obsession - Kayla Perrin Sophie begins and obsessive relationship with the handsome Piotr after finding out about her husband's own affair, which has landed him in legal trouble.

Perrin knows how to start a good story. She just seems to have some problems actually seeing her stories through to the end.

Also, I had a hard time caring about Sophie. She came off as brat-ish, and her brat-ish behavior followed to the end. I did sympathize with her, cheer her on, and felt her pain, but she was brat.

When I was finally at that point where I thought I could really like her, her shallow behavior ruined that. There seemed to be no real character growth for her.

She seemed to think that love was gauged by who bought her the better tennis bracelet. Okay book. I'll continue to read Perrin's works because she can create an intriguing storyline. She just needs to work on her weak endings.