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Nightwing, Vol. 2: Night of the Owls
Kyle Higgins, Eddy Barrows, Ruy Jose
Hitman, Vol. 1: A Rage in Arkham - Garth Ennis, John McCrea Does every hero, quasi-hero, antihero, and villain that resides in Gotham find themselves in Batman’s bad graces at least once in their career? It sure seems like it. Okay, I guess that’s a stupid question. I just find it highly amusing how self-righteous a man who puts people in traction, eagerly so might I add, can be about other people doing something alike (and sometimes worse, but mostly alike) to the same people. That’s just me, though.

This review is full of spoilers from previous arcs featuring Hitman that lead up to this one, so I’ll cut it here. Read more!