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The Bright Silver Star: A Berger and Mitry Mystery - David Handler Another good story from Handler! Who the killer was was a bit obvious to me. I knew from the moment I read the prologue that Tito's killer was going to be a guy. Didn't know which guy and didn't suspect Will until Donna was murdered, but knew it would be a guy--DEFINITELY. As the story went on and I read about how he abused Esme, I definitely knew I was right since guys who are in denial about their sexuality sometimes act macho to make up for their perceived weakness.

However, the getting to that conclusion was one wild ride that was full of twists and turns that I throughly enjoyed! I almost wished that Tito hadn't died. Handler did an excellent job of making me loathe him and feel sorry for him in the same breathe. I love a story where characters get me emotionally involved, and Handler definitely does that with his characters.

Sometimes, Handler writes Des with too much "sista-girl" attitude, but it was definitely more BELIEVABLE when she was speaking to Yolie in this story. I also think that sometimes he goes a little overboard with Bella and Mitch's Jewish-ness as well, but overall, I LOVE these characters. And I LOVE this series.