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Nightwing, Vol. 2: Night of the Owls
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Darkly Dreaming Dexter - Jeff Lindsay Note: Originally read December 2009. I'm pushing some of my oold reviews to my website. Don't mind this.

I picked up this book because I love the series. The premise of a serial killer killing other serial killers was just too interesting to pass up. You actually root for Dex, even though you know that he's the bad guy as well. The beginning of this book was just like watching the series. The series mirrored it perfectly. I could hear Michael C. Hall in my head just as he sounded on that first episode while reading the beginning of this.

Dexter spends a great deal of time trying to make us believe that he is completely incapable of any kind of human emotion, even as he does express a certain amount of elation while he's butchering others and while he's admiring the work of this new killer, and while that seemed repetitive for some readers, I interpreted it as a mechanism to make himself truly believe that he has no feelings because many of his actions and thoughts say otherwise. Yes, I do believe that he's partly right in his assessment of himself. It takes a certain kind of uncaring, broken person to do the things he does, even if it IS to others like himself. However, I don't believe that he's really as uncaring as he tries to paint himself to believe.

This book was like a personal look into the dark side of a person's psych (same with the series). It makes you wonder if that bright smile from the mailman is really hiding something sinister behind it.